About the department of Business Administration



Departmental Chair
Welcome to the website of the Department of Business Administration.
  This department offers many programs, including the undergraduate program, the master’s program, the executive master of business administration (EMBA) program, and the doctoral program. This department recruits students from all over the world, including exchange students from many foreign countries and two classes of senior students from Fuzhou University majoring in logistics management. Our master program recruits a class of Taiwanese students and a class of international students (the IMBA program).
  Classes of the undergraduate program are held at the Taipei main campus. Classes of the master and doctoral programs are held at the JiHe campus. This department has a climate of innovation, vitality, and coherence. We strive to fashion an ideal workplace for the growth and development for faculty and students. All faculty and students work together to forge this department into a symbiotic learning place.
  Over the years, the Department of Business Administration has won many honors and awards, such as awards for excellent student dissertations, winning marketing plan competitions, students as well as the faculty’s receiving research grand from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology, and winning awards for excellence in student activities. These honors attest that choosing the Department of Business Administration for one’s study is a wise decision that promises to offer a high cost-performance ratio.
  In the future, this department will continue its progress of internationalization and encourages students to participate in exchange programs overseas. This department also encourages local Taiwanese students to enhance their interactions with international students to learn from their merits.