The History of This Department

  The Department of Business Administration is one of the earliest departments established in Ming Chuan University. The department is officially named as the “Department of Business administration” in August 1990. In 1998, when the school changed its name into Ming Chuan University, this department has chairpersons Professors Cheng, Jen-Wei, Lu, Jung-Cheng, and Wong, Jehn-Yih consecutively. The graduate school of management science was established in August 1992, the doctoral program was established in 1997, the EMBA program was established in 2000, and the graduate school changed its name into “The Graduate School of Management”. In 2005, the graduate school recruited students from abroad and offered classes in English. Professor Lee, Chuan, and Huang, Shu-Nan acted as deans of the graduate school consecutively.
  The undergraduate program and the graduate school were combined in May 13th, 2009 and the department changed its name into the Department of Business Administration. Professor Wong, Jehn-Yih acted as the departmental chair. Professor Hung, Kuang-Peng acted as the departmental chair since 2014. This department offers classes in the undergraduate program, the master program, the international MBA, the EMBA, and the doctoral programs.
  This department pursues teaching quality and academic growth, enhances research in management and practical training, nurtures esprit de corps and global perspectives, and trains management professional to serve the society. For the past fifty years, 13,062 persons graduated from this Department, including 4,381 from the day- program of the three-year college, 1,218 persons from the evening- program of the three-year college, 1,333 persons from the five-year college, 4,874 persons from the four-year college, 720 persons from the master program, 483 persons from the EMBA program, and 53 persons from the doctoral program.
  Alumni from this department spread across all realms in Taiwan as well as abroad and have contributed much to the development of our country.