graduation requirements

Ming Chuan University Department of Business Administration Doctoral Program Regulations

Implementation Regulations for Ming Chuan University Department of Business Administration's Subsidy Program for Ph.D. Students Attending International Academic Conferences

Qualifying Examination (Subject Qualification Examination)
Compulsory Exam: Research Methods
Elective: Choose 1 Subject from the Major

Ph.D. Student Research Progress Tracking
(Presentation and Evaluation Form)

  • 通過資格考後繳交指導教授指導同意書
  • 未畢業學生每學期皆需公開發表研究進度,並繳交進度考核表。
Publication of Two Academic Papers
Publication of Two Academic Works in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals, with at Least One Being an International Journal
Graduation Assessment
Graduation Data Verification and Thesis Research Process
Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal Defense、Ph.D. Dissertation Examination