Words from the Department Chair

Welcome everyone to the Ming Chuan University Department of Business Administration website.
The Department of Business Administration at Ming Chuan University is a large family, including the undergraduate program, the MBA program, the Executive MBA program, and the Doctoral program. This department is highly internationalized and recruits degree-seeking students as well as exchange students from all over the world; two classes of third-year students specializing in logistics from the FuZhou University, China. In our master’s program, we have an MBA class consisting of Taiwanese students and a class of International MBA students (IMBA).

Courses in the undergraduate program are mainly taught at Taipei main campus and graduate-program classes are given at the Jihe Complex. Our departmental culture emphasizes innovation, vitality, and centripetal force. The faculty and students work together to nurture a harmonious atmosphere and make this department an ideal place not only for the growth of faculty but also for the development and learning of students. Successfully maintaining such a symbiotic atmosphere relies on the cooperation of all our students, faculty, and the management staff.

Students from our department have performed outstandingly in thesis competitions, marketing project contests, and have consecutively won distinguished awards for student associations at Ming Chuan University. Not only is our faculty funded with many research projects from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), our students have also won research awards for undergraduate student research projects from MOST. These accomplishments attest that studying in the Department of Business Administration Ming Chuan University is an excellent choice for college students.

In the future, we will continue with our excellent performance as well as develop internationally, encouraging students to pursue experiences for overseas exchange-study. Promoting mutual learning among Taiwan’s local students and students from other countries is a long-term goal sought after by this department.