Educational Purpose and Goals of the Department of Business Administration

  The educational purpose and characteristics of this department is derived from the educational purpose of the School of Management as well as that of the Ming Chuan University: Treat students as our own children, and excellence, professionalism, and globalization.
  We tailor teaching objectives fit the demands of each of the programs offered in this department: The undergraduate program emphasizes creating a learning environment, imparting professional knowledge, promoting workplace abilities, and nurturing the spirit of dedication.
  The master program emphasizes strengthening professional ability, promoting research capability, developing esprit de crop, and nurturing global perspectives.
  Although the executive MBA (EMBA) program possesses the same objective as that of the master program, this program puts more emphasis on cultivating competence for mid-level professional managers.
  The programs for local students and international students emphasize fostering the abilities of general management.
  The purpose of the doctoral program emphasizes strengthening professional capability, elevating research ability, promoting esprit de corps, and broadening global perspective. Compared with the master program, the doctoral program puts more emphasis on advancing research ability and professional accomplishment.