The Education Mission and Goals of IMBA

Mission of IMBA Education

Our mission is the pursuit of teaching quality and academic excellence by strengthening management training in the fields of research and practice. Our focus is to nurture professional management talent and a teamwork ethic, by using a global vision to better serve the business community at large.

The Education Goals of IMBA

Our goals are
1. To strengthen professionalism
2. To enhance research capabilities
3. To work effectively as a team
4. To enhance a global business perspective

We train students with Core Competencies:

1. Management expertise
2. International business knowledge
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Research and problem-solving skills
5. Understanding of business ethics
The goal of our curriculum is based on our mission and goals to build up students' core competencies, as shown in following figure.

Features of IMBA of Business Administration Department

Our program have Nine Features to make you BETTER at your JOB:
(1) Professional Programs
(2) Program Integration
(3) Help You to Plan Career
(4) Build Up Research & Problem-Solving Capability
(5) Enhance Critical Thinking
(6) Provide Many Business Labs For Research
(7) Build Up Professional Attitude
(8) Train Your Team Spirit
(9) Provide Student Counseling Network

Programs Professionalism and Integration

The department of business administration provides four professional programs:
(1) Marketing Management
(2) Organization and Human Resource Management
(3) E-Business Management
(4) Financial Management
Students can learn these professional programs at the first year. At the second year, students can choose an interesting topic from the programs to achieve dissertation. These professional programs not only broaden your knowledge about Business Administration but also boost your career.