What is a Business Administration Department? Is it good to study Business Administration?

What is a Business Administration Department?

In simple terms, Business Administration involves learning about various aspects of business operations, including marketing and sales, brand building, financial management, human resource management, production and logistics, information technology, and business intelligence.

So why should one learn this knowledge?

Because these activities make up the value chain of a business, which helps deliver value to customers. Studying Business Administration allows one to acquire knowledge of these activities and apply them in real-world situations, ultimately assisting businesses in generating profits.

Many people say that studying Business Administration means learning a little about everything but not specializing in anything. Is this true?

In fact, in the corporate world, it's rare to do just one thing; learning interdisciplinary skills can help students develop a "mindset" for business operations. Moreover, for high school students, there might not be a basic concept of "management" yet. Choosing to study Business Administration allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of what management is, what it entails, and helps them discover their interests. They can then delve deeper into the specific areas they find intriguing in subsequent courses. Business Administration is a program that provides more opportunities for students to become "multifaceted individuals"!

However, there are still many people online who say that Business Administration graduates don't possess any practical skills and that companies won't hire fresh graduates from this field as managers.

Actually, if you're not passionate about learning, you won't excel in just one field either! Of course, companies won't immediately promote fresh graduates to managerial positions. The same principle applies to all graduates from management programs; they won't land high-level positions right after graduation. Once in a company, you still need to further develop your expertise in your specific role and continually strive for improvement. What you learn during your four years in a Business Administration program provides you with a foundation and teaches you how to learn, which is essential for a successful long-term career journey.

Some people say that with so many business management books available, you can learn everything about corporate management by reading on your own. Why spend four years studying Business Administration?

If that's the case, with so many medical textbooks available, one could just read a few and become a doctor, so why spend seven years in medical school? With numerous finance-related books out there, one could read a couple and become a CFO or financial analyst, so why spend four years studying Finance or Financial Management? With a multitude of programming books available, one could read a few and become a software developer, so why spend four years in Computer Science or Information Technology? The same logic applies to all fields. Books provide you with the opportunity to specialize in certain aspects within a broader field of knowledge, but they don't replace the need for a foundational and holistic understanding of the field.

Some people say that after graduating from a Business Administration program, there is fierce competition, with many MBA, EMBA, and IMBA graduates competing for positions.

In today's business environment, which field isn't competitive? If you want a high salary, high achievement, and a high position, there will always be a mountain in front of you, and that mountain will never disappear. However, you can climb it faster and climb higher through your own efforts.
Ming Chuan University's Business Administration Department understands the public's perceptions of the department, as mentioned above (for a quicker insight into our department, you can take a look at our "Get to Know Ming Chuan Business Administration in 3 Minutes"). Therefore, in our curriculum planning, we aim not only to provide students with a well-rounded education in management knowledge, similar to traditional business administration programs but also to design various specialized tracks. These tracks help students deepen their expertise in areas of their interest, and there are three main tracks: "Digital Business Operations," "Brand Marketing," and "Enterprise Management."
The "Digital Business Operations" track focuses on cultivating business management skills in a digital environment, including the management of business processes, financial transactions, and information flow. It aims to nurture talent capable of thriving in digital business environments.
The Brand Marketing Team focuses on nurturing professionals in the field of brand marketing. Through rich course design and comprehensive planning, we actively lead students to participate in domestic and international brand-related competitions, corporate visits, internships, and brand practice seminars. This enables our students in this group to possess brand planning skills, brand communication abilities, case analysis capabilities, and market research skills, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.
The Business Management Team focuses on cultivating professionals in various departments of enterprises. It achieves this by deepening their expertise through the selection of two specialized programs offered by our department. Currently, our department offers four major specialized programs: "Integrated Marketing," "Digital Marketing," "Organizational and Human Resource Management," and "Investment and Financial Planning." Each program is led by domain-specific faculty members who guide students in strengthening their professional skills, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.
Ming Chuan's Business Management program also provides career management assistance to students in developing their personal careers. In addition to professional development, the faculty's academic and practical achievements, students' professional certifications, competition participation, national project application, and the performance of the department's student associations and clubs consistently rank at the top both within the school and nationally. In summary, the specialized learning environment offered by Ming Chuan's Business Management program enriches students' overall experience in the cultivation of professional skills and group life.
For students entering the Ming Chuan Department of Business Management, the learning pathway from freshman year to senior year is as follows:
1. Freshman Year's Foundation Courses: Students receive mandatory foundational course training in their freshman year. Freshmen learn the essential knowledge required for business management, including marketing management, financial management, human resource management, production and operations management, as well as information management. These five fundamental areas of knowledge have a wide range of applications, from small roadside beverage shops to large multinational corporations; they are indispensable.
2.Specialized Courses in Sophomore and Junior Years: Students can choose specialized courses based on their personal interests. Those in the Digital Business Management group may select courses in digital marketing and investment and financial planning. Students in the Brand Marketing group choose one specialized program, while those in the Business Management group choose two specialized programs for focused development to cultivate their expertise. Our department's program system helps students specialize in specific areas of knowledge. In addition to selecting one of the four major specialized programs offered by our department, students can also choose one program from other departments within the university to further develop their expertise. This design ensures that the department meets students' specialized needs while allowing them the flexibility to choose other specialized programs within the university to develop their skills.
3. Senior Year's Career Management Courses: In their senior year, students can choose between employment or further education based on their personal interests, inclinations, and career plans. They have the option to select internship courses and career planning courses to prepare for their future employment or advanced studies. Our department offers a variety of courses to assist students in achieving their career goals.